Bad Weather- Sunday Stills

We live in a region of South Africa that is really blessed with good weather. We don’t have any bad weather around here!

There is no snow EVER around here, and my wife has never seen snow in person! We don’t have tornados (only a little one some years ago…) Β We don’t have huge floods. (Only a little one some years ago.) We had our first earthquake ever in December, a very small tremor. Β A thunder storm don’t last long, and the worst thing that does happen around here is some hail every now and then.

So- this is the best I could do about bad weather- some stormy weather we experienced in the Cape province near Franschhoek last June…


At a coffee shop in Franschhoek, the sun shining briefly through extremely dark clouds…


The most beautiful farm workers house in the world for me- outside Franschhoek

The only bad weather photo of our own Bushveld region I have is this little flood on Good Friday in 2010:

IMG_0273So: We are extremely blessed- nearly no bad weather at all- more than 300 days sunshine a year, only about 6 nights a year under freezing point- it is a joy living in Limpopo Province in South Africa!



14 thoughts on “Bad Weather- Sunday Stills

  1. Wow. I love your photos. And your take on things. I’ve heard the South Africa is a beautiful place to visit and the scenery is absolutely wonderous. Maybe one day I’ll get there. πŸ™‚

  2. Such a climate is hard for me to imagine! The weather here is very temperamental. It was reasonably sunny for a couple of hours at lunchtime and now it’s dark and raining again. The flooding has been dreadful this winter as it’s remained mild so we’ve had more rain than normal 😦

    • I grew up in Natal, where there is much more decent rain and some good cold winters. I really miss rain, we are having heat waves and drought through until March before it gets bearable…

      • I live in the Netherlands. Has a climate similar to that of the UK. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Very varied, not to cold, not to hot. Every day is different. Well, almost every day. And we do get our fair share of sunshine over here. πŸ™‚

        • I have been to the Netherlands in Summer and in Winter, I love your country! We are also partly descendants from the Dutch, a lot of our traditional cooking is Dutch inspired… And we understand your language if you talk slowly…

          • I’ve never been to South Africa, not even during the world cup soccer. Unfortunately. A visit should definitely be on my bucketlist, but chances that I’ll ever make it are slim. I love my country too. Sometimes. And sometimes I hate it. But that’s normal I guess. And I can understand Afrikaans. If you talk slowly. πŸ™‚

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