Urban Farming is fun…

Today I had one of my best harvest days in my urban farm so far… I started out with the wish to lay fresh produce at my wife’s feet.

And today: we have more than enough for today’s needs- enough to start giving away, and that was what I dreamed about…


Happiness is… producing your own food!


Look at that baby marrow (zucchini/courgette!) We left it a little too long on the plant…

There were no poisons used on these veggies. The main fertilizer used was worm tea from my 4 worm bins. Not totally organic yet, but I am nearing that!

I am really looking forward to that sweetcorn tonight! Harvest day makes all the work from digging the soil, fertilizing, planting, watering and weeding for 3 months worthwhile.  And to give some friends something from my garden- priceless!

Meanwhile, in Sunny South Africa, we are having a little bit of a heat wave, with no rain. The heat and drought are really getting on my nerves. I would love a day of two of rain!  And my vegetable garden too, we are suffering!

And yes, I really love my South African Cricket Team Supporter Shirts, I do have quite a few!



18 thoughts on “Urban Farming is fun…

  1. Heerlik! Ek het nadat ons “Community garden” doodgeloop het by my seun in sy tuin n stkkie groentetuin wat ek nou kan onderhou!Heerlike vars ertjies, boontjies, spinasie en slaai. Die peppers en tamaties kom ook nou aan! Dis baie bevredigend om so the werskaf en dan te oes

  2. That is the sweetest reason to start a garden that I ever heard – to lay fresh produce at your wife’s feet.
    If I had that big lovely pile of corn I would strip it, brush it with lime juice, roll it in salt and cayenne pepper, wrap it in foil, and grill it! Yum.

  3. Well done! Not much is happening in my veggie patch at present, the Raspberries have let me down and there are empty spaces. The herb box is doing well though, lots of mint, basil, tarragon and a few self seeded tomatoes

  4. Baie geluk – as die gemeente jou kwaad maak word jy dan n ‘urban farmer’. Met sulke gesonde groente sal jy gou n mark vestig. Ek sal jou eerste ‘customer’ wees!

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