Community Festival to kick of the year

Years ago our region was known for it’s grape farming. We were the first to have fresh table grapes on the market in the new growing season. And then other regions started doing the same, and some of them gets grapes much earlier to the markets, so the prices fell a lot when our farmers finally pitched with their produce. So nearly nobody produces grapes around here anymore.

But that does not distract our community from having an annual Grape Festival. It is still the first remarkable community festival on the yearly calender, and a nice way to end off the Christmas holidays, before the kids have to go to a new academic year next week…

It is the Annual Grape Festival this weekend.  It is extremely hot at the moment- the last thermometer I saw indicated another 37 degrees day.

In this heat, my eldest son and I took part in the festival procession, on my BMW motorbike, so that we can go for free  into the festival terrain.

I was just there for 2 hours, then it became too hot for me. But this is some of the sigbts so far:

We have a Classic Tractor Society in our district, here are some of their tractors:


I have never heard of these before…



What would the world be without John Deere?


Was the Farmall engineers drunk when they designed this?

But there are not just tractors at the Grape Festival- we also have… Bengal Tigers! Small ones… my one friend is helping with the marketing of Mystic Monkeys, a very nice tourist destination just north of Pretoria. And there you can have your picture taken with these guys, while they are small…


Adorable as kittens, i would not like to play with their momma!

And while it is 37 degrees, I ended my quick trip at the beer garden. I bought a fantastic kebab roll (beef kebabs, with mushroom sauce and onion relish on a freshly baked bun… delicious!) A nice cold Draught in the Festival Mug… I had a lot of those over the years, but my kids…


After this I came home to have a nap. I have to rest- tomorrow morning I am going to try the 50 km cycle race with a few friends. The furthest I have trained since last year’s Argus Cycle race is 35 km… It is a flat, fast route tomorrow. I am going to struggle, but I will compete…

I won’t be returning to the Festival terrain tonight, but over today and tomorrow some of South Africa’s best artists are performing live in the Main Tent.   But I have another barbeque evening with friends lined up- the 3rd night in a row… life is really hard in the Bushveld…

Enjoy your weekend!

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