Vegetable garden firsts…

I started my vegetable garden, to feel like a successful caveman.  I wanted to lay the bounty before my lady’s feet, and provide…

This morning is a very special morning. I harvested my very first cucumber ever. Not very big. But very tasty! Not to be confused with the zucchini/courgette in front…

I also harvested my very first butternuts, and somewhere a squash also popped up… the green beans and the aubergines also continue to provide fresh goodness to my family.

When I harvest, I am so grateful for all the time I took to read about it, weeding, digging, fertilizing, weeding, watering…

No poisons was used in the production of these veggies, and it tastes great!

This is something some people in my country still don’t get: First you work, then you reap the benefits.

I actually learn a lot in my vegetable garden, that I also try to utilize in my work…

2014-01-03 13.20.14

My earthworm farm is growing along nicely, with all the scraps from the kitchen (except meat and dairy, citrus, pineapple and onions) going into my bins. The earthworm tea provides very good nutrition for my vegetables, and I look forward to the worms making love, laying eggs, growing to a huge population, making lots of compost and tea…  This gardening game gives me a lot of joy!


PS- I passed the 500 km mark in my cycling training program for this years Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Tour this morning…


10 thoughts on “Vegetable garden firsts…

  1. Ha ha ha! I forgot you live in a different hemisphere. Fresh vegetables are a wonderful thing to contemplate while shivering in this frosty white world on the other side of the globe. Have fun being a provider. I am envious.

  2. Next to photography, gardening is how I relax. I have had to give up my backyard vegetable garden since moving to Texas since I can’t seem to get anything to grow…just too darn hot. Enjoy your reaping’s!!!

  3. Mmmm…I would cook the beans in tomato sauce with lots of garlic. Bake the squash and mash it up with salt, pepper, butter, and a dash of nutmeg. The eggplant would be sliced thin, breaded and fried. My mouth – lol – is watering. Happy New Year.

  4. Great efforts in the veg garden!! It’s so rewarding growing your own food, we started this a couple of years ago and although our growing season here in Southern Alberta Canada is a lot shorter, we still enjoy the fruits of our labour each summer!

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