Christmas Day South African Style…

Unlike our friends in the northern hemisphere, we don’t have White Christmases…  We don’t even EVER have snow around here…

Christmas Day was extremely hot- around 37 degrees C. And we have a home full of family, both grandmothers, and my wife’s one brother and some of his family- we were 12 people in all.

After our early morning church session, it was time to light the barbeque, and we had some beef- and pork rolls on it, with a huge amount of other food.  On Christmas Day South Africans eat. A lot! Then we need to take a siesta to recover again.

Late afternoon it was time for a cold watermelon. And this is my memory of Christmas Day 2013- my wife and her brother in the swimming pool, trying to cool down…


6 thoughts on “Christmas Day South African Style…

  1. Dis beslis die beste manier om af te koel en te ontspan! Bly om te sien julle het ook geniet. 😀
    Wense vir ‘n voorspoedige en wonderlike 2014. 😀

  2. Looks good to me… 37 sounds nice to me, just about a decent temperature. We are ok until it goes over 40, then it’s a tad too warm, such as 46 last summer, but 37… on yes, miss that. No snow here either, although there was 1cm in 1978 or something, lol.

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