Friday Night… This is how we roll…

2013-12-20 18.06.36

For all my friends in the snow up north… this is how we are spending our second longest day in the Southern Hemisphere…

Tonight we had a bit of rumpsteak, a pork chop and our famous Boerewors- our national sausage… on the menu, with a salad and a dish made of maize and tomatoes… “Paptert”…


13 thoughts on “Friday Night… This is how we roll…

  1. yum yum. We ate a South African restaurant in New York once, simply because it’s one place that is rather remote for us to visit and there is no S. African rests here in our country. Braai – that was the restaurant’s name. Love the sausages.

    • I love my country’s cuisine, might be because we were influenced by so many different cultures- European, African, Turkish and Malaysian… I think our Boerewors is some of the best sausage I have tasted in the world, and Gordon Ramsay agrees…

    • I added it to the post- rumpsteak, porkchops, sausage, a salad (with tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, baby marrows, balsamic vinegar, sprouts, lettuce) and a dish that is made with ground maize and a tomato salsa on top…

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