Escape- Daily Prompt


If I were a better writer I would have attempted to write this story from the point of view of a shrimp in Durban Harbour at low tide…  How I have escaped the fisherman looking for bait. How I evaded the hungry flock of seagulls just waiting for me to show the tiniest part of my crustacian anatomy.  But I dont think the shrimp has evaded all that danger. Me thinks he got caught, put on a hook as bait, and landed in the mouth of a huge sea fish. I think the fish has fed a Zulu family of nine people in a little rondavel overlooking the Indian Ocean…

13 thoughts on “Escape- Daily Prompt

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  8. I would love to know what the better photographers (than me…:-) ) think of this photo. I want to join a photography club as a beginner, and need to enter a few photos, January’s theme is “My holiday…”

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