Nelson Mandela…

The news came through during the night that Nelson Mandela has died.

I had a huge amount of respect for him. He came out of prison, and became our president. He pleaded for forgiveness and reconciliation in our divided country.  He really did a lot for nation building, served just one term as president and gave over the power without stealing the country empty.  he was truly an exceptional, world class leader. The last one in South Africa.

I still don’t get it how his shoes could be filled by our beloved President Jacob Zuma, who was broke when he became President, and now built a huge residential complex over R 200 million ($20 million) out of his own pocket. He also has the gift of healing. His friends get terminally ill in jail, gets a presidential pardon to die with dignity at home, and they all get miraculously healed within a week when at home…

Now in South Africa there is a long told urban legend, and tonight is the night to see if it is true. “The night of the long knives…” According to this legend the black people has been buying up machetes (called pangas in S.A) and the night Mandela dies, they are going to kill all the whiteys.

I do not believe this is true. I still have the belief that most South Africans (excluded politicians and thugs- mostly the same thing…) are good people.  Remember- in a long forgotten referendum in 1992  72% of the white population voted to end Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela’s legacy was a message of peace and reconciliation. He dreamed of a Rainbow Nation where all are equal and everybody matters.  That is a dream worth living for. It is so sad that he was the last ANC president who lived that dream.

I salute the passing of a great man! May his party soon follow…

Former president Nelson Mandela. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Photo: Sunday Times

35 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela…

  1. Thanks for this Rider. One of the most honest tributes I have read. Mandela was a great statesman and well-liked by everybody. You don’t get many people like him in one lifetime. It is a shame he didn’t remain as president for longer to do more for the country, but at least he showed forgiveness and compassion and prevented what could have been a violent situation. A pity his successors are not the same. I wish you and your countrymen peace, and prosperity, though I fear it will be a long time coming.
    Jude xx

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  3. Nee man, die nag van die lang messe kom eers na sy begrafnis, onthou jy nou weer, sy lyk gaan blykbaar vir 7 dae uitgestal word in ‘n glas kis, terwyl SAB gaan zamalek (aka Black Lable) borg by Soccer City, Ellis Park en dies meer. Dan kom die nag van die lang messe, terwyl ons almal optrek Heilbron toe…..

    Hy was inderdaad ‘n voorbeeld vir elkeen van ons, as daar iemand was met die REG om moerig te wees, dan was dit seker hy. Mag ons onthou HOEKOM hy geleef het, en mag sy dood nie tevergeefs wees nie.
    My hartjie is seer vandag 😥

  4. I learned a lot about leadership by reading everything written about Madiba Nelson Mandela. He was a great leader, and the world is mourning right now. If there is one thing I will always remember about him, it’s the INVICTUS — one of his favorite poems, which is also my grandfather’s favorite. Madiba is the master of his fate, the captain of his soul. Rest in Peace, Madiba.

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  6. ‘n Voorbeeld vir ons almal. May his legacy keeps inspiring South African to strive to fulfil his ideals for our country. Rest in peace, Madiba. And thank you.

  7. RIP Mandela.
    Mag die ware leiers opstaan in SA.
    Mag SA weer ‘n ware leier kry, een met integriteit, een wie ons graag sal volg. Een wat vir eenheid werk.
    God, seën Afrika.

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