Bushveld Wedding under the Marula Tree…

The Daily Prompt asked: Do you play in your daily life? I do! I take a camera along when I work. Like today…

I had the most amazing afternoon. I had to conduct a wedding at a Game Ranch this afternoon. It was an outdoor wedding, and it has rained this past week- we were rather anxious about the clouds forming.  But I did take my cameras, the 400D and the Powershot. Here is just a little view of a part of my work. If it looks like a wonderful job- just remember I stood in a graveyard conducting a funeral yesterday. We pastors must have the capacity to handle an emotional roller coaster. From a funeral to a wedding in a day!

IMG_1401I think it would not be good form to show the bride and groom while they are still at their wedding feast at the moment.

Maybe when they left the scene of the wedding itself would be ok…

IMG_1404Now-the guests…

What are you humans up to?

What are you humans up to?


Not a Chev Impala- the REAL Impala- a beautiful ram

and a very young Impala ram...

and a very young Impala ram…

So yes- some days it is so good to have my job, other days it is really, really hard…  Today was all good!

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