Confusion is my middle name…

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONFUSION.


Well, once upon a time, long long ago, somewhere around February 1967, I first stepped upon your planet.  The Arrivals terminal was a bad experience!  The doctor beat me up, they were only happy when I screamed at them. Since that sunny summers day (South Africa, remember) I have felt out of place on this planet.

But sometimes life down here can be quite good. What would life in the universe be without Queen’s music?  What would life be without Nelson deMille’s books?

I found a member of your species, that I grew quiet attached to, wouldn’t want to live without her!

Somehow there came another 4 half earthlings forth in my earthly home, and I decided to keep them. But they eat a lot, and aren’t quite as small as that day that the doctor also whacked their little bottoms… I found earthly doctors to be quite aggressive. Especially at the Arrivals desk of your planet.

There are some times when I do not feel out of place. In the arms of my earth woman, for a good start.
Also, when I do get on a motorcycle- now that is a good invention until you guys figure anti- gravity out and make them fly…

Sometimes the way you guys get energy can also be quite acceptable. The best of your species must be the Italians, for pizza- that could do on any planet in this universe…  And the Italians also brought you Ferrari and Aprilia and Ducati, and their girls… after my earth woman- they are the best! The French also do good fuel with their Michelin chefs, but their vehicles are rubbish… Their members with the XX chromosome in the 42nd strand are also quite alright…

While I am on your planet, I love to climb aboard that Airbus A380 thingy. It is quite small and slow, but so reminds me of home. It is good to go to other places on your planet. But it costs a lot! There should be a revolution to make travel a human right, and it must be free. Rather tax politicians to death…

It looks as if I am stuck on this planet for maybe 80 rotations around your star. But before I head for Departures- I still have to see the Redwoods in California. They are the most splendid living things in this Milky Way!

Now go and enjoy your daily rotation of the earth!

Intergalactic Rider


Earthlings’ Cooling Fluids are quite good!

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