To Be, or not to be on Bitstrips, that is the Question…


I first saw it on facebook. I thought my daughter is busy drawing a lot of cartoons in her exam time. But then the same kind of comic strips started popping up in a lot of other people’s profiles too. People I know that can not draw anything worth a damn… people like me.

Then I followed on of the people’s links, right to Bitstrips doorstep…

Before I knew it, I was a comic character too. I used my first try to let my daughter know she must study a bit harder for the exams.

At first it was really funny, seeing the people I know, seeing themselves through comic book eyes.

But after a day or two it lost it’s shine, when the same message pops up fifty times, only with different names. People giving each other celestial high fives. People barfing in green all over the screen. People sitting in little tents, looking at each other.

Maybe this is one of the things I thought about when I am starting to slide over the edge. We now are all comic book characters. We fit ourselves comically into other people’s boxes. We have another toy.

I enjoy my social media. I have been on facebook for quite a long time, since when the Dead Sea was still sick…  I am on twitter. At 140 characters I send my messages into the cyberspace. I am on flikr, I save my pics for the family to see. I am on dropbox, no sermon or work document may die at the hands of a nasty virus. I am on instagram, and now pinterest.  And I am now on Bitstrips…

With all the social media, our communication possibilities have broadened so much- I now have friends all over the world.  My wordpress friends are on all continents of the world, I only have to yet reach someone on the South Pole bases.

The problem is- with all the width of communication, our depth of communication became very shallow. We can chat a lot on all our toys.  But sometimes I need to sit around a camp fire, drink a glass of red wine with a good friend, and speak more than 140 characters. Or stay silent all night long. Without having to put a smiley face 🙂 up or pushing any Like buttons…

Communication, we have learned at university, is only 6 % words, and more than 80% body language and facial expression.

With facebook and twitter we have lost all but 6 % of our communication skills. And with Bitstrips the last 6% have become a joke…


12 thoughts on “To Be, or not to be on Bitstrips, that is the Question…

  1. Excellent Post! I too have seen bitstrips, but the medium didn;t really grab my attention. I use FB for photography and fun … the memes, the bitstrips, the constantly forwarded profound sayings do not hold my interest like the updates on peoples lives.
    Interesting … I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, and I always tell my patients that 70% or more of the diagnosis is the story, the history, the communication. If I don;t listen, I misdiagnose.

  2. Ha ha! I’ve not taken the step into Bitstrips yet and I’m very much on the fence. Sometimes they’re fun and make me smile, other times (when they take over my feed) they are very VERY annoying. I am very much addicted to social media and often need to remind myself that sometimes I just don’t need to tweet… I’ll arrange a face to face catch up with some friends this week!

  3. baie goed geskryf en baie goeie punte …

    ek is ‘all for’ social media en love it – maar die bitstrips irriteer die crap uit my uit. 😉

  4. I like bitstrips. Mostly I like tormenting my husband with them. There is a lot lost in translation with social media. Without inflection in your voice some statements just don’t come out the same.

  5. I have seen these and after a couple, I started ignoring them as they just didn’t “speak” to me. I didn’t even know the name of them so glad to catch up with what is happening. Enjoyed your writing about them so I am informed.
    I did like the one about intelligent life though. Good one.

  6. I agree… 6%, it’s sad! Actually, I even hate mobile phones yet I love my internet… WP is addictive and I do value the friends I have made while blogging. All the other social media streams (apart from LinkedIn) seems so trivial… I believe they rod us of our characters… but then, I think it may be a question of balance?
    Ja… die kamp vuur en a lekker ou glaasie, of sterk swart moer koffie… nou PRAAT ons!!

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