Still Cycling…

This morning my younger colleague drag me kicking and screaming out of my bed, to go training with him. He has already done a leisurely 29 km with his fiancee before that. And then he pushed me to do my first 30 km training ride in a while- definitely the furthest I have ridden since this year’s Argus Cycle tour in March. You don’t believe me? Endomondo tells no lies…

15 NovemberOn our way back we were seduced by our favorite coffee shop, to have a breakfast there. And the Endomondo for some reason did not stop, so the time given is much more- we actually did the 31 km in about 90 minutes.  Very, very slow for my young colleague, and quite taxing for me…

In any case- I have now done 148.63 km so far for November on my bicycles. I forgot to mention, this morning I have taken out my Schwinn Fastback- much lighter than the Trek 800 Trail (which weighs 20 kg with a full water bottle… and has knobblies on…)

Slowly it feels as if my body remembers that it was fit, some time, a long time ago. Just hints of joy crept into the training, and the burning desire arises to be fit again, and feel the miles fly by without feeling like the angel of death is hovering right behind me…

We talked on our training ride about all the lovely things we have seen on this route. It is wonderful to be outside the city, and riding on a quiet country road. We have, between us, seen snakes, I had a close encounter with a Green Mamba once, another with an Egyptian Spitting Cobra,  he has seen a serval- very rare, they thought it was a baby leopard… a beautiful member of the wild cat species.  We have had our funny encounters with warthogs, who did not hear us approaching, and they are very funny when they get frightened, spin on one place in their pull away, before they find the right gear and head off to safety.

There is a world famous wetlands nearby, the Nylsvley Wetlands Reserve, and the small river Nile that feeds it (no relation to the one in Egypt…) is passing underneath our training route. There are the most beautiful bird life around there, with a lot of different coloured finches, swallows, sparrows, hornbills, and other beautiful birds. The fresh air around our town is so good for exercise.  So it was a good start to my day.

Unfortunately, when I reached home, I have received word of another of the elderly ladies of our church that has passed away peacefully in her sleep last night. I will be conducting another funeral next week…

Now it is time to start work on Sunday’s sermon. I am thinking of John 13:34 as the text… let’s get back to work…


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