How to make an omelette, for Dummies- Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

by michelle w. on November 11, 2013

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FOOD.


I always loved omelettes, but never knew how to make them. The recipes always looked so difficult, separating the egg yolk and the whites… whisking them separately and then folding one into the other. Just too much trouble… stay with baked eggs.

But then one day we had a huge church meeting- a Synod. We stayed in a rather nice hotel in Pretoria. And they did this wow spread for breakfast. You could ask a chef how you would like your bacon and eggs done. And for the 4 mornings I stayed there, I asked for omelettes, and watched carefully. And I still do an omelette on this easy way…

I bought this little pan at an Indian supermarket, and it works beautifully for omelettes. First I fry some mushrooms and green peppers in a little olive oil: (ok, this day there weren’t any peppers left…)

20131028_074808Then when it is ready, I take it out. Two or three eggs have just been whisked with a fork in a porridge bowl till a few bubbles shows. That mix is poured onto the pan, just like you would do with a crepe.

20131028_075109The mushrooms is added on top of the egg mixture, and some cheese is grated on top of it. I like to use a little Himalayan salt or rock salt in a grinder, a little bit of black pepper, and a small amount of rosemary and mixed Italian herbs on top of that. When it is lifting up easily, I fold it, and voila…

20131028_075331An easy omelette to get started for the day… and that is all I have time for now, as I have to run to a practice session for our Christmas carols service coming up soon… Happy cooking-

Not the naked Chef…

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