A good Blind Date…

The ladies of our church had this wonderful idea: let us have a blind date, to make us more sensitive for the needs of the blind. And in the process collect a little money for a school for blind pupils. This afternoon we had our Blind Date… A Sunday lunch where everybody eats blindfolded.

In our church there is an amazing lady. She lost her sight due to illness a few years ago. But she still competes in sport, she is a very good runner (unlike her pastor…) She still goes on hiking trails. She still bakes. She start the reading at our Bible study group every week by reading from her Braille bible. We invited her to just give us an insight into being blind. And her message is: she is still a normal person, she just can’t see…


Magda is an inspiration to our church!

After she has spoken, we made sure everybody’s plates was filled- the ladies chose to prepare spaghetti bolognaise, with a Greek salad. Everybody poured their chosen drink in the glasses. Then we made sure everybody was blindfolded, before we gave thanks, and then the fun started- everybody had to eat and drink blindfolded. Young and old… and here is some of the moments we enjoyed…

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I had some fun taking the photos, and laughing at everybody else. But then I had to eat too, and one of the clowns of my children grabbed my camera and took a picture of me…


By this time everybody else has finished eating… so I won the prize for the person making the biggest mess of lunch…

It was all in good fun, and we raised a little money to send to the Prinshof School for the Blind.  I was just so gratefull to take of the blindfold afterwards, and be able to see… But I do have huge respect for blind people like Magda, that still see the beauty in life much better than most sighted persons! There are amazing people in this world, who rises up above adversity, and live extraordinary lives to inspire the rest of us. And they have my deepest respect!


10 thoughts on “A good Blind Date…

  1. Great post. It is remarkable to me that people with all of their senses will find reasons to be miserable and not see any beauty in the world yet someone who is blind can find beauty in things they can not see!

  2. What an extra-ordinary woman.
    Such a fun way to raise awareness of the blind. I know that I am thankful that I can see all the beautiful things we have I this world.

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