Word Riders trip to Marken

The past two days I had two beautiful days at the office!  First I had to do a Bible study

Photo: So hou ons Bybelstudie in die Bosveld!

at our own church- we went through the second letter of John. This is how I looked during the Bible Study- might be a bit hard to take for more conservative church members…

Afterwards we met a small group coming from the Bible Society in Kempton Park for brunch at a local Coffee Shop. Then we saddled up, and rode the scenic 210 km to Marken, a VERY small town in the Limpopo Bushveld.  It is ironic how distances work in our country- this town is further away than Johannesburg from us (just the biggest city in Africa…) but we do have a lot of contact with the pastor and people of Marken. It is a very small town. We were invited by the local church and 8 of the rural schools to bring bibles to the Grade 7 learners.

And so we went.

IMG_1119In front of the church building in Marken.  We stayed over  at a bush camp, part of the local pastor (a friend)’s farm- he is in part time ministry in the region where he was born…  This pastor’s sister in law now also lives here- she grew up in Minnesota in the USA- maybe the coldest place in the States, and came here, to one of the hottest parts of our country- their winter is usually on a Tuesday every year.


It was extremely hot in this part of the world- we rode through temperatures of 37 degrees Celcius, and the sun burnt us a lot. But is was so good to visit these schools, far, far away from civilization…


Motorbikes, Bibles, Children… It was such fun!


My BMW underneath a Boabab tree…

IMG_1146Good friends, scenic routes, mountain passes…

This is the stuff life is all about! I had a good two days at the office!

13 thoughts on “Word Riders trip to Marken

  1. Dis nou weer n lekker terugblik op die verlede! Ek het self gereeld Marken besoek omdat daar vriende gebly het. Die verspreiding van Bybels is netso lekker omdat ek self ook vir 5 jaar skool gehou het in n privaatskool en elke jaar is daar Bybels uitgedeel aan gr 7 leerders. Dit was altyd n hele seremonie! Wonderlike werk wat julle doen

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