Training started for my P’nP Argus Cycle Tour #20

Most people who meet me are surprised that I do cycling for a sport.  I do not look like a sportsman, in fact, I look like the next candidate for a heart operation…  It is because the ladies of my congregation are always killing me with kindness. I also have allergic reactions to beer- it makes me swell up…

In any case- next year, on the 2nd Sunday in March, is South Africa’s and one of the worlds biggest cycling events. We cycle around Table Mountain, a 109 km race. All 36 000 of us…  (click op picture or go to )

Argus 2

Next year will be my 20th consecutive race if all goes well. I finished 19 so far, sometimes slowly, and sometimes very, very slowly. But every one of them count, they were all under the cut-off time of 7 hours.

But, in a Jeremy Clarkson voice: There is a slight problem.  My bicycle have gone into it’s winter sleep after this year’s race.  Yes, I did two training sessions in August, but then I got the flu. So the fitness is gone. Completely gone…

And so, as it being the 1st of November, leaving just 4 months to get into shape again (this year I only trained for 6 weeks- it was hell!) I decided: if you want different results, you need a different approach.

For the record (may it not come back and bite me in the *ss…) I want to do my 20th Argus in my best time ever. If the South Easterly winds will play along on the race day, I want to do it in (Austin Powers Doctor Evil type… pause) … sub 4 hours…  There, I said it.

So- a start was needed. Endomondo says I did start this morning: Argus

It is slow, I agree. It might be a bit short for you super fit freaks out there- only 20.42 km.  But it is a start…

Now I have to just keep doing that, a bit further and faster every now and then… And maybe, just maybe, the sub 4 is possible…

After training, I worked in my garden as well- I planted the first cucumbers ever in huge bags alongside my tomatoes.

And so- from a sweaty BICYCLE rider:


Last training ride in 2012 just before my Argus #18 at Moyo’s, Eden on the Bay centre- do enjoy the helmet hairstyle, and the South Easterly was blowing like mad…

Enjoy your weekend! Do something different for a change!



3 thoughts on “Training started for my P’nP Argus Cycle Tour #20

  1. may you not lose heart but lose the pounds to trim down to the ideal aerodynamic 🙂 will be followng your progress with interest

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