Early morning in the garden

No, not naked in the Garden of Eden, we are not reading Genesis 1 and 2 this morning…  naughty you!

I can’t just work work work and blog blog blog… there must be time for something else as well- like riding my motorcycles…

But then, when I am working with human beings, and there is just no way to measure if I am reaching any worthwhile goals, I need something else to keep me inspired.

And I do have this huge garden at the back of the house. And we do have a borehole these days, with a wonderful supply of clean water. So, with the help of one of my church people who has an agricultural supply business, I am trying to revamp my vegetable garden. Not to be in business, but to provide fresh food for my family. To sometimes come into the house, and lay my produce gladly at my loved one’s feet, proud to say: I did this….

So every morning, in stead of going cycling, I go gardening…

And this is what this morning’s walkabout in the garden brought with:


The pumpkin looks quite happy in it’s early days…


I did not plant them, the clover is a weed around here, saying something of the ground’s ph that is too high… But they look happy too!


We have a LOT of pests in the ground and a LOT of birds, so I grow my tomatoes in bags, inside an old huge bird cage…


My first attempt at growing potatoes has broken through! The blue specs are bait for cutworm, which is a huge problem in this sandy soil…


I did not know ants could be so neat in their homebuilding projects!


In the tree above the vegetable garden is one of the most familiar sights in the Bushveld, the Kwêvoël or Grey Lourie- they are the protector of wildlife around here. If you go hunting, and are aiming at an animal, they have this warning cry that immediately sends the prey running… I have known some people to turn the hunting rifle on them in anger… (but not me, I promise… )

I really hope to be successful this time around, as the multitude of pests attacking vegetables around here can be quite heartbreaking… So watch this space- maybe there will be a photo of a pumpkin spared by the pumpkin fly, or a tomato spared by the rust, or a cob of sweat corn spared by the cutworm, or an aubergine spared by the birds… 🙂

That is why I am trying: I hope…

9 thoughts on “Early morning in the garden

  1. Lekker looop ek so saam met jou deur jou tuin. Ons het besonder baie peste en plae waarvoor daar voorsorg getref moet word. Hier in die Kaap is slakke ook ‘n enorme probleem

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