The Path in the Bush- Cee’s Which Way

I like to share parts of my world in the South African Bushveld with you… Mainly because it can be so totally different from where you call home… 

This is one of the photos taken on my walkabout Saturday Morning, in the Bush about 15 km from my home… On these paths you just never know what you are going to see next in the line of wildlife, trees, or birds- we are blessed with the most amazing species of all those all around us…



In Hollywood the tourists drive around, looking for the stars’ homes. We have one too! This is the home of Pumba the Warthog from Lion King… but he was not home…




This is his brother, living about 8 km away at another holiday resort (taken in September this year)



And this is just some of the scenes that you can find along the way here in my part of the world…  (maybe I am stretching the boundaries of this challenge a little bit here… 🙂  )

Which Way Banner




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