My new pets arrived today! Vermicomposting…

For a long while now I have been interested in the process of vermicomposting. Making compost with the help of earthworms.

I received a few from a friend a while back. But when I talked to Brigid at aristonorganics, she sent me another 5 litre tub of worms,  from the Cape yesterday. The Red Wriggler variety that is needed to do the job.And I just went to our Post Office and collected them. That was fast and speedy service- the worms travelled 1600 km in 24 hours!

And this is the start of my vermicomposting project:



The first batch is in this Big Jim 100l container, with some holes drilled in the bottom to collect the vermi-tea. The next two crates are standing by, to go on top of this one, when the worms have settled and started their work.

And this is the view inside, look at all the happy campers…


Why am I so interested in this earthworm project? I really want to grow my family’s own vegetables in our back yard. I want to reduce our own footprint on the environment, and reduce the amount of waste going into our landfill. I am also really interested in urban farming as a solution to hunger in Africa, and I want to learn a lot in the process of playing these games!

Thanks for the help, Brigid Jackson!


6 thoughts on “My new pets arrived today! Vermicomposting…

  1. they are such lovely pets – earning their keep. I’ve had mine for about 18 months and they have turned shredded bank statements into black gold!

    • I am still a beginner, but Brigid in the comment below is an expert, that link she posted will answer a lot of questions. But yes, as I understand it, the worms speed up the composting process a lot, and their castings are extremely good nutrients for the soil.

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