Home Sweet Home- Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

by michelle w. on October 19, 2013

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOME.


As a pastor, I live in a house that the church provides, on our church terrain.  And I am extremely grateful, as it is a house I could never afford to buy….

The one thing I love the most about our house is the Lapa. It is an African word for a place where you relax with your family and friends. In this Lapa we Braai (hold barbeques) and make Potjie (food in a Cast iron pot). When I am home, it is our ritual to relax with family and friends on Friday evenings, with a nice fire going, and some outdoor style food. A lot of South African relaxing revolves around food…

But let me show you some photos of Home:

2013-10-19 16.17.22

The Lapa is just above the swimming pool, and in sight is also 3 large avocado trees, they are just a bit lazy in providing Avo’s… in front is a cycad,

2013-10-19 16.15.46

Above the fireplace is my old Army helmet…


The start of a Potjie…


Family times in the Lapa- that is what life is all about! This is what I miss when I am away from home!


So there you have it: a part of my home…

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