Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough

by michelle w. on October 9, 2013

Have you ever been addicted to anything, or worried that you were? Have you ever spent too much time and effort on something that was a distraction from your real goals? Tell us about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ADDICTING.


I think I might be addicted to my blog- 375 posts since February 2013…


Why? Because I am lonely sometimes… 🙂

21 thoughts on “Addicted…

  1. I don’t think I’m lonely… maybe just want to be on my own… and blogging is inspirational… yes, addictive… and we can see and experience the lives of others… and we can read about other doing things… like walking around in Spain… hope you’re putting together that book so others can share as well… 😉
    Thanks for your friendship… if that’s what addiction causes then you’re onto a winner!

  2. ag, ons almal het iets. ek is juis vandag so moeg en het effe ge-rant en ge-rave vandag op my facebook profile, wat ek nie gewoonlik doen nie. as iemand nou weer vir my se – sjoe jou lewe is so lekker, sjoe jy spandeer baie tyd op facebook. ek wens net mense wil ander uitlos – elkeen het sy dinge en hoe hy/sy dit wil hanteer. ander mense – shut up. 😉

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