Good Morning Spring! Weekly Photo Competition

My friends would have seen the drought and the bush fires in our region on my blog over the last few weeks. It is hot, and extremely dry in October in the Bushveld region of South Africa. There is one thing that we need above all else. And last night it started to happen! We had the first lovely thunder shower. Now I do not have the skill to take beautiful pictures of thunder storms.

But this morning- we woke up to a brand new world! Everything is crisp and clean, there is already new life visible in nature all around us. So I just had to grab one of the cameras and take another picture or two for this challenge. So, fresh from my garden, I present:  Morning in Spring:

You know it is October when the Jacaranda blooms...

You know it is October when the Jacaranda blooms…

Ok, this Jacaranda blossom fell on top of a small White Stinkwoodtree, and I loved the way nature presented it for me!


My new season of tomatoes is beginning- the seed have sprouted!


The blossom of the pomegranate just before opening, the leaves still bear witness of last night’s blessing…

And there you have it: Morning in my garden…

16 thoughts on “Good Morning Spring! Weekly Photo Competition

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  5. En toe gebeur dit soos wat ons gevra het! Hier ook ‘n lekker donderbui gehad, nie vreeslik baie reën nie. Maar die ys is gebreek. Nou vir NoordWes waar ons kinders boer…..

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