Monday Morning Happiness

It is another week- full of promise and opportunities.  This will be a very good week. I will be happy. I will touch some people’s lives and make it better.   So lets start by sharing this beauty with you: I just had to take a photo of this Bulldog with my cellphone  when I visited it’s owner last week…

2013-10-03 15.57.30Ps- I am not really feeling THAT chirpy this morning. Quite the opposite! So I am trying to chat myself in trying to rise up like an eagle, and not wallow in the mud like a pig…

Hope this face above brings a smile…

For more Monday upliftment- this helped me this morning:

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Happiness

  1. Dis nou regtig die ‘Ag Maa!’ vir vandag. Dierbaar! Hoop jou dag word net beter en beter. (En dalk kom die reën hierdie week – dubbel seën.)

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