Flower Friday- Cosmos

IMG_0651Now here my Flora-orientated friends like Aristonargics can help out- we call these flowers “Cosmos” in South Africa. They come more abundantly in white and soft pink flowers, with these Burgundy coloured ones just once in a while…

They are not indigenous to South Africa. The local rumor has it that when that naughty Queen Victoria and her abominable henchmen invaded our country, they had a huge need for feed for the horses. (Ours did not need exotic feed…  🙂  ) So they imported bales of hay from South America (Argentina?).  In these bales of hay there were also seeds of some very nasty weeds. Till this day it is named “Khakibos” in South Africa- named after the “Khaki’s” or English soldiers.  And Khakibos spread rapidly over the entire country.  I think these cosmos flowers are very closely related to khakibos, as it looks and smells the same.  It also arrived in the British horsefeed. Khakibos= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagetes_minuta and now for the first time in my life I see it is edible…  🙂

The Cosmos grows next to the country roads, and gives a splendid show in March.  We had them as the theme for our wedding feast a long, long time ago.

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