Game of Thrones is getting me under…

Not the television series- I have missed it anyway. It showed after the movie premiere on a Sunday night, and then I usually go to sleep.

No- the Game of  Thrones books. And sorry George R.R. Martin if I hurt your feelings!

The first one was so good for me, I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads. It was something new, an original idea (I do not usually read high fantasy). The plot sounded so good. Different families having a struggle to gain the Throne, made of a lot of vanquished enemies’ swords.  Some bad people got the power through devious ways. and some good people lost their heads or gets mishandled in different ways. The first book was really good- in my view. And it left a lot of unfinished business- a good setup for the second book.

SPOILER ALERT!  Don’t read on if you want to read the books!

At the end of the first book poor Ned Stark has lost his head. His daughter Sansa is a very irritating character, who first plays the Judas role by ratting out her father’s plans- that is why he is headless. She has no backbone, and says everything to please everybody. What a wimp!  Her younger sister Arya is missing.  And in House Lannister, only the dwarf, Tyrion, shows any character whatsoever.

I also borrowed the rest of the books from a friend. Fortunately I did not buy them!

The second book came and went-  A Clash of Kings– guess what- Sansa is still an irritating person, Arya is still missing, and everybody is running around in circles in the land… a LOT of pages of reading, with nothing happening, sounds just like our South African soap operas…  And Tyrion is the only one making any sense…

Then came the third book. A Storm of Swords–  Finally- some people die.  Some is thought dead, but is not dead… they will also be missing in action like their sister for the next… eternity…  Arya is still missing, Sansa is still irritating on a road trip.

I am now nearing the end of the 4th book- A Feast for Crows. This is my problem in life- I just want to know how everything turns out.  I want to see everybody happy ever after, or dead as they deserve.  But it still does not look as if it is possible. Now the regular fans must help me out. Do I have to read another 20 books of 1000 pages to find out if Sansa ever gets some backbone, if Arya is ever going to be found, if the youngest Stark boys will ever be seen alive again, if Tyrion gets to be king… I am now tired of reading Game of Thrones sequals and going around and around and around and around in circles.

This is just my opinion- you are most welcome to disagree.

I am eagerly waiting to start the new Nelson de Mille book- now there is an author who really knows how to tell a story!

11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones is getting me under…

  1. Oh yes, I am so with you! Give us the last two books for heaven’s sake, and put us out of our misery, all this waiting, and the poor characters out of the misery of being dead or maybe not, missing or finally getting a bit of backbone. We need an ending here please!

  2. Tyrion my favourite as well. Keep reading, more people will die. Little Stark girl is still MIA. At least she used the coin in the TV series before it ended. So something might happen in the next season. I swore at George RR Martin for killing some people and I’d vowed I was done with the dumb series. But nah, I’ve healed, and I’ll keep watching. Supporting the Dragon girl. There’re so many characters, can’t remember all the names, except Tyrion Lannister of course, and much to my irritation John Snow. You’d wish with so many characters dropping dead he’d be one of them, but nope, we’re stuck with the pursed mouthed, curly locked Northerner.

  3. The problem with high fantasy is that it can rarely contain itself without seven+ installments ranging in 600-1000+ pages. I’d like to read the series, but I really don’t have time.

    • I have finished the 4th book today- it drops off right in the middle, and as I understand- the 5th book focuses on another region, and the 6th and 7th book is not written yet. The 4th book was written in 2005- so when, if ever, will this story conclude? Maybe this isn’t for me…

      • On the other hand there are people are are aching for the next book to come out. Some started on the first when it came out in the ’90s and read each installment as it was released. I’m sure it’s much easier that way.

  4. What I love about the series is that it’s so different from the standard quest-type epic fantasy I usually read. Most of the characters come across as very realistic with no good guy just good and almost no bad guy just evil. Heroes die. Villains get away with it. Some villains turn out to be good guys instead. Some villains get their just desserts and you start feeling sorry for them in spite of yourself. And the plot is simply so huge it’s near-impossible to guess what’s going to happen next.

    It can become a bit much. I’ve taken a break from the series since I read book 3 in April, but the next one is starting to call out to me. I’ll probably pick it up very soon.

    As to your question: There are two more books planned after A Dance With Dragons, but at the pace with which GRRM is writing there are very real concerns that he will die before finishing them. Apparently he has mapped out the outlines of the final two novels and arranged for other authors to complete the story should that happen, so it is going to end eventually. As to whether it would be a happy, even just a satisfying ending? One can hope, but I foresee myself throwing the book across the room in disgust before picking it back up and continuing quite a few times yet.

    • Thanks! This is what I was looking for- a few other opinions on the books! It is well written, and the characters are multi-dimensional- the storyline is huge with a LOT of characters, it just moves too slowly for my taste- but that is me…

  5. I do not know these books.But I love a good plot.I am spoiled rotten on FB by the very good stories Amos van der Merwe is writing. Ewald I would not waste my time on these crown books.Here we would say: allemaal gebakken lucht.I had much more fun reading a series written for boys: The Rangers. by John Flanagan.He has a page on FB. They are available in English, your sons will love them.They are about honesty,honor,loyalty,hardship.There is another series by the same writer called Brotherband.Try them,you will not regret it.

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