Living in a Teletubby house in Spain…

Daily Prompt: On the Road

by michelle w. on September 30, 2013

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS.


There is such a huge world out there. So much I would still love to see. So there are so many answers to today’s question.  I would love living for a while in a primitive hut in Brazil’s rain forest. Or in a palm leaf hut on an exotic island. Or one of those conical huts of deer hide in Mongolia.  Or the underground city at Kappadocia in Turkey- how does it feel to live there?

But the one that I thought of first was of these houses that I saw outside Léon, Spain when I walked the Camino de Santiago. How does it feel to live underground in these Teletubby houses?  Is it better in winter when the snow lays thick?  Don’t people feel cramped and in each other’s faces in a very short time?  So I would love to live with a family in a house like this… but not for long…


10 thoughts on “Living in a Teletubby house in Spain…

  1. I remember seeing places like this along the Camino. I thought they were “bodegas”, that is, wine “cellars.” Although I do remember seeing some lawn chairs and gardens in front of some of them I assumed they were places where the owners hung out when it got too hot in their regular homes. Or maybe that was Hobbiton . . . ?

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