Inside or out


Can you get more inside than the marble grave of this Medieval Knight in Edinburgh‘s St Giles Cathedral, Scotland? The knight Jacobi Graham Marchionis de Montrose lies in glory inside the cathedral. ((25 October 1612 – 21 May 1650) Follow the link to see the interesting post-mortal adventures of James Montrose… he did a lot of travelling after his execution…

But this cathedral is world renowned as the church where John Knox preached. If the knight has such a beautiful resting place, where does John Knox body lay?

This one was a lesson for me:  The grave of John Knox:  Parking Space 23… outside the Cathedral….


Pastors need to be humble. This reminds us…

A bit of a weird blog entry this morning.  I am having an extremely hard day. In two hours time I have to lead a funeral service for a young man who has been killed by a swarm of bees- the African “killer” bees are not so mild as the European version.  I have also buried this young man’s mother and grandfather in the past 4 years…

But the one that really rattles my cage at the moment: yesterday I got a phone call from a 90 year old man, who left our congregation last year to go and stay at this daughter. This man already lost 2 sons at a young age- they had a genetic heart problem. His wife died last year. And he is in tears- he lives in Johannesburg, 200 kms south from us. His daughter had a car accident, I do not think she was insured. And now she can not reach her work, and they have no food left in the house.  Can we help- with a car and food?  My heart breaks. If I could, I would help.  But as the world is suffering with the economic downturn, the first place people cut their spending is their giving to the church.  And in our town, and in our church, there is lots and lots of people losing their work, finding a hard time to survive. We help where we can. We can’t even help all those in our immediate area with their needs.  But how do I tell that to a weeping father 200 km away?  This is really killing me today… I really want to help, but I have nothing left to give.


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