Daily Prompt: Standstill

by michelle w. on September 24, 2013

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STILLNESS.


Today is a national holiday in South Africa. It is “Heritage day” and for a good explanation why- read Tracy’s blog. Some people are quite emotional about Heritage Day. Relax Boet, I can choose how I celebrate my heritage in my own way… Me- I confess to being part of the Braai Day mentality in our country.

Today, I have read a few blogs. I have read a few hundred pages of the 3rd book of Game of Thrones, (A Storm of Swords by George R.,R. MArtin) Arya and Bran are still missing, Jon is still confused and Sansa still the most irritating character in a novel ever… Must I scroll through all 5000 pages of the 5 books to eventually get some satisfaction? ( I see my post is the exact opposite if Uncle Spike’s of today- he likes Game of Thrones and rolls up his irrigation pipes for winter… )

This afternoon I have planted 8 Green Pepper plants and 8 Aubergine plants in containers. Now I am doing the Daily Prompt, then it will be time to start preparing for the Barbeque (Braai) of tonight.

My wife and eldest son has gone to fetch Mother -in- Law and will be back tomorrow. My Daughter does not have holiday at the moment like the rest of university students… it is just me and the 2 youngest sons at home. So I do not really wish for a standstill in time today…

BUT: I would love it if it could start raining- still no clouds even in sight at the moment.  If time could stand still today, I would wish to tweak our weather- my Cape Town friends wish the rain would go away… we would love to take it off their hands…

Another piece of stillness I would wish for today, as it is a week school holiday as well, was to be in a camp site with my whole family. That would be a lovely tweak to be beside still waters… like this- at Golden Gate South Africa a few years back- this is stillness for me:


A day at the beach would also be so welcome, as the sea inspire stillness within me:

IMG_0851So as I am miles and miles away from the ocean, I will have to find stillness in another place than water.

2013-07-19 17.56.00

With a small fire in my fireplace, a few chops and a bottle of grape juice, slightly fermented in the Cape…

But then, the true stillness I would wish for tonight, was to be with YOU…


18 thoughts on “Stillness

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  8. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    To clarify one point, it’s my wife who is the Mr Martin bookworm (and most other authors I think), I just watch the TV episodes, and even that vexes me somewhat. Yes I enjoy the films, but I doubt I could follow the books – my brain is not that good when it comes to fantasy novels, favouring courtroom dramas or crime fiction. As for the irrigation pipes… not quite yet, it’s still 30-32 every day so a few more weeks before the rains arrive and do the job for me. It was a foto from last year or the year before I used 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for including my adventures in your blog.
    Regards from Turkey.

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