The Other Side of the Bushveld…

We do live in one of our country’s most beautiful parts, here in the South African Bushveld, Waterberg region. We do have the most amazing variety of wildlife, plants and trees, and birds around us. But it is this time of year- we do not really have a Spring season. The day temperatures soared to 37 degrees Celsius. It is dry- we last had a decent rain in March. And the winds are blowing with all this heat. So-  what do you get with drought, heat and wind? Runaway veld fires…

At the moment, in less than 10 km from my home, they are fighting the fires since yesterday. This morning my wife and I went and go take a look. And a lot of photos. One part of our community is struggling without drinking water, another part is fighting the fires that consumes their animals’ grazing…

I think nature does need a good burn every now and then. It clears the underbrush from a lot of small trees, and gives the bigger trees more room to grow. Fire might be nature’s pruning shears. But it remains terrifying to see. Last night we drove through  this fire to get home. And now- this is how it looks on the way to Warmbaths







There is a terrifying beauty in fire… but not everybody will survive this one…


Thank God no people have been hurt so far in this fire!

We seriously are in need of a good old fashioned heavy thunder shower, as the coals are still burning, and the wind is picking up… Rain will help a lot…

13 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Bushveld…

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  3. I pray that everyone continues to be safe! I live in the area of abundant wild fires and know the dangers that can ensue.

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