Soft Pastels- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Soft Pastels

The Current Series

This week in our current color series the topic is soft pastels.   See my entry at the bottom of this post for examples.  I hope you have some fun with this challenge.



I am having a hard time with this one, Cee.  I might be totally wrong, but in the part of Africa that I live in, nothing happens in soft pastels.  In Africa, everything is much harder/ harsher, maybe more exciting.

You would associate soft pastels with Spring. But in reality we do not have a Spring season in the Bushveld. The one day it was winter. The next day it was summer. Spring is officially 20 days old in our region, and it is already about 35 degrees Celsius. It is very dry, with rain last seen in March… Our colours are browns and greens, the sky  now a hard blue. There are bright flower colours. But I find nearly no Pastels around me.

But I do want to contribute something… so this is the nearest I got to Soft Pastels. It is an artwork at the Muratie Cellars outside Stellenbosch, and it was beautiful to me…


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