A Love story in my garden…

It is Spring here in the Bushveld. It is the season for new life.

And so I glimpsed this beautiful scene just outside my bedroom window… one of my favorite bird species is the African Hoopoe   (so called for his cry…)  Scientific name: Upupa africana 

There was a young pair of them on the grass. They are searching for some juicy worms in my lawn (of which there seems to be a lot of!)

_MG_0558They are moving so fast that it is difficult to capture them on a photo!  When the male found a nice fat worm, he immediately hopped over to the female, and gave it to her. This is where I am getting frustrated with my telephoto lens- am missing some sharpness in the photos- sorry!

_MG_0565But it is the season of love for the Hoopoe… may they be happy ever after in my garden!



13 thoughts on “A Love story in my garden…

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  3. How lucky you are to see these birds.I kow they are still to be seen in Germany and France of course.But it is very long ago it was a common bird in the Netherlands.Thanks for sharing these pictures.What a nice present Father gave you at the beginning of the day.

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