Sunday Stills- Boats

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Boats

Posted on September 15, 2013 by 

It dawnwd on me this morning we have never done a boat challenge, so for this week lets find everything from toy boats to ocean liners and everything in between, all shapes and sizes, in a pond, on a river or in the ocean.. have fun with this one..:-)


Hi Ed- Boats I can do, even though I live more than 500 miles from the nearest beach. There is something in a boat that always draws me and my camera like a magnet. So here are just a few, some was seen already on this blog, sorry about that…

First one- in the Harbour at Simons Town South Africa:


At the Harbour at Fisterra, Spain… Image

Also in the Fisterra Harbour :


At Klein Kariba, South Africa- I went back and took another photo just before sunset: Image

And a Fishing Trawler, working just off the beach at Yzerfontein, South Africa…


Finally- when the family sailed on a daytrip on a catamaran at a famous city…


I have quite a few more, but I think I still need to keep a few up my sleeve for next time…

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