Sensitive Me…

Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

by michelle w. on September 16, 2013

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SENSITIVE.


I am getting the Deja Vu feeling again… The last time I answered so beautifully that I would not like to lose one sense, as I would love to keep on seeing the beauty of the world around me, to listen to the music (Justin Bieber and Miley Cirus would be an acceptable loss of senses…)  I would still love to smell the roses and a freshly ground coffee, or a bread fresh from the oven. I would love to taste all the dishes of the world worthy of Masterchef, and I would love to keep on feeling the touch of the woman I love…

So… I will go with the photo challenge instead- Sensitive…

A photo never seen before in public- This IS my happy face:


Ok… I had a good excuse, it was when I had just finished the Camino de Santiago, so I was extremely tired. But I really wanted to see Finisterre, so I took the bus there (out of time to walk the 78 km). So- this photo could also be used for the Weekly Photo Challenge- Inside… Inside the Bus… Inside the Bus Station in Santiago de Campostela.

That is why I did not publish a selfie yesterday- children might weep…  What I wanted to see might also not look like much. But this is the Westernmost point of the Europe continent- from here on it is just Atlantic ocean till you reach the shores of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. (Bill Gates, if you read this and feel proud or deeply moved, please send an airline ticket, so many of my Bucket List Items are still to be seen in America, and I have never had the chance or change to go to the USA,…)


How will you know this is not just the beach at Hermanus? Same ocean…  Any pilgrim who went the whole way of the Camino to the 0.00 km marker will recognize this:


So what does this all have to do with Sensitivity? Well, I did walk 317 km to get into touch with my inner self, my deeper feelings and all that… you should too!  Sometimes we need to step aside from our busy path, and take some time to just BE…  We need to be sensitive sometimes, otherwise we miss the whole experience of this one life we have on earth.

So: BE a pilgrim, struggle forward, reach your destiny…


14 thoughts on “Sensitive Me…

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  9. Both a lovely and humorous post…no Justin and Miley?! LOL!! I hope you get to visit the U.S. someday, it’s a beautiful place!!! Great pics, yes even the one with your grumpy face!! Have a great day🙋

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