Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

by michelle w. on September 13, 2013
This week, share what you see on the inside. It could be something literally inside, like these birds in the rebar or the inside of your home or favorite hideaway. If you’d like, go in a personal direction — share a photo of your best friend laughing, showing how she feels on the inside, or an arresting shot of your son’s blue eyes (windows to the soul, dontcha know). This is also a great opportunity to put what you learned in Jeff Sinon’s guest post on composition into practice.
I missed last week’s challenge by a few minutes, being away in the Bush for a week… Would love it if someone went to look at it at https://vosperdruiter.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/an-unusual-point-of-view-weekly-photo-challenge/
Ok- this week- do one in time… thinking, thinking… I do have a beautiful bird in a huge cage photo…
Nope, not that one… Maybe…
Not that one either, I remember a cage…
There is the cage, but there were definitely birds in it, wrong species. And no, we do not punish our children like that, see they are smiling…
There was a phase in my life that I were breeding birds, like the beautiful Fisher Lovebirds… that was before Asian Flu stopped it all…
They were inside, and then they went outside, then I never saw them again… Image
But the photo I was thinking of is this one from my favourite coffee shop in our town. Right hemisphere (southern) wrong continent- the Beautiful Toucans that are usually found in South America, not in Africa…
So that is my story of the inside… now you…

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