Watershots- Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Watershots

Posted on September 8, 2013 by 

For this weeks challenge find some water, good ol’ H2O. This can be a lake,ocean,river,pond, pool or just a simple glass of water. Or how about things in or on the water…. pretty easy this week..:-)


I am late with my entry this week. But I have a good excuse- I am hiding away from civilization till tomorrow morning.  But this challenge has caught my eye- so just to photos from where I am at the moment- taken yesterday and this morning…




A little bit closer:



And then a little bit downstream…



My daughter is going to give me a hard time with the 2/3 composition rule, but I like this composition…

Finally- just one for learning… at the little waterfall across the stream- how would you take/ compose/crop  this picture?


All photos were taken at the Klein Kariba resort outside Warmbaths (Bela Bela) in Limpopo, South Africa

Klein Kariba: http://www.atkvresorts.co.za/klein-kariba/

25 thoughts on “Watershots- Sunday Stills

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  2. Hi Rider, Excellent watershots here! As for how I would crop your final photo, it’s easier to show than to try to explain in words, so check it out here:

    I like the mystery of this version — you see what’s on the bank, but only to the extent that it is reflected in the water.

  3. dis besondere mooi foto’s.
    Maar…..jy het nou iets in my gedagtes geroer. Bestaan die kampeer terrein oorkant Klein kariba nog? indien wel wat is sy naam????

    • Daar is so baie kampterreine daar- reg oor Klein Kariba is Marula Mountain Village, en nog ene… klein bietjie nader aan Nylstroom is Emmerentia Geldenhuijs kampterrein van die NG Kerk… Daar is nog Hide Away ook. al hierdie binne 2 km van Klein Kariba af.

  4. Absolutely stunnings shots Vos and who cares about composition rules if a photo looks great? I love that shot. Beautiful reflections and the colours are outstanding!
    That last photo is beautiful as well and I would take out the left part of the photo up to the tree inside the railing. 🙂
    Great entry for the challenge. 😀

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