Meeting a Blogger in the Bush!

Today I had the privilege of meeting another blogger for the first time…  I have read his blog for a few years now. He is a veterinarian, and lives in England.  Who of the old bloggers, specially on litnet, can guess who it might be?


Remember, I am the skinny one on the right…  In any case, I met him and a good friend of him since their school days, and we went for a brunch at his father in law’s hideaway house on a lodge in our area, It was a wonderful visit, which meant a lot to me this week.

I also took my Canon with, for that photo that might present itself. And here are a few from today- of life in the Bush. The cold weather from the weekend is long gone already, it is officially spring in the Bushveld:


Two young giraffes



The seed of a COMBRETUM ZEYHERI ~ SA546 ~ Large fruited bushwillow – (raasblaar) I picked it up, and will try and get a tree out of it…


The yellow lichens on this rock fascinated me…


Just because it was beautiful to me- might it be a Tambotie stump? Spirostachys africana – Spirostachys africana – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This young Large fruited bushwillow finds a good friend in a Boekenhout (Cape Beech- Rapanea melanophloeos)

Someone was here before us- Klipspringer? (Oreotragus oreotragus)

Someone was here before us- Klipspringer? (Oreotragus oreotragus)


What a beautiful day in the Bushveld it was once again…

Who is the mysterious vet blogger?


18 thoughts on “Meeting a Blogger in the Bush!

  1. Gidivet is maklik, maar ek het nie ‘n clue wie daai scruffy maergat op die regterkant is nie. Ek lees vanmore op ‘n lamppaal van ‘n kameelperd wat ‘n fietsryer aangeval het, en toe onthou ek jou foto hierbo en ek wonder…met daai skelrooi keps jy weet…

  2. Ek het vir Gidi ontmoet toe hy so ?? 2 jaar gelede iook hier in SA was.
    As mens op die hoofpad hou is daar ‘n vulstasie net voordat jy Nyl;stroom tref (van Potties se kant af as ek reg onthou) Daar het ek so klompie jaar gelede vir my ‘n klpmp raasblaar sade gepluk en troetel hulle vandag nog al moet ek bieg dat hulle nou al effe gehawend is

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