In 2006 my wife and I went over to the UK to visit our sisters, mine is now an English citizen, my sister in law is now Irish… We started with a car at Heathrow, and immediatly turned away from London to see the English countryside. Then we went up, through the Lake District, up into Scotland. After our stay in Scotland, we flew over from Edinburgh to Dublin…

Outside the Airport building in Edinburgh there was this Spitfire. I always admired Spitfires, not just for their role in WW 2, but also because it is one of the most beautiful things that man has ever made (in my eyes anyway). I have one of Barrie A.F. Clark ‘s Spitfire breaking through the clouds prints framed in my study, so much do I love these aircraft.

So I was thrilled to be so close to one. I took a lot of pictures right around it. I was too inexperienced to play with Depth of Field, otherwise it would be much better photos without all the background detail.

It was just so nice to stumble across these photos on an old CD laying around in my study…



ImageThought I would post this, as I am waiting for a call from my dentist, to say when she can help me with this broken tooth…  It is much nicer thinking of Spitfires than broken teeth…

I wonder if the aircraft is still there? On it’s pole in front of the Airport…

PS.- Yes, this might be the replica, and I am glad,  for it would be so sad to leave the real thing in the extreme weather that Scots must endure…

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And for a beautiful Spitfire story, read this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2270031/Businessman-spent-1m-restoring-Spitfire-scrapyard-10-years-ago-sees-fly-again.html

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  2. Sorry pal, nothing to do with this post, but I’m stuck…. any ideas?

    I have a draft post in which there are a number of picture images, and lastly, an embedded YouTube video.
    When I published it, I noticed the video was shown as the main featured image on Reader, but I was actually expecting the first picture image on the post to be shown.(the video is a surprise, so dont want it headlining the bit shown on Reader)
    Is this a setting I can change, or does Reader automatically show the video in terms of hierarchy?

    Any ideas; it’s got me… 😦

  3. Now I am wondering, if I take a model like this seems to be, and I put my VW Beetle’s engine in it, and connect it to the propeller, would it fly? In a Jeremy Clarkson voice: There is only one way to find out…

  4. The spitfire is the most beautiful warbird ever, I took some pictures of a toy spitfire , you can see them on my blog. In the early 90th I was in Biggin Hill, there had been a lot of them, and I took so many pictures, but at least someone broke into our hotelroom in London, while we were out for dinner and I got my whole camera equipment stolen.

  5. Quite agree on the love of this beastie. I’m no aircraft expert, but like you, always have a lot of love and respect for this, the most beautiful of flying machines.
    I remember as a kid, seeing a spitfire fly very low over my head on a families day where my dad worked back in the 70’s. It was at Hursley House, now an IBM lab but with a history linked to the spitfire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hursley_House)

  6. Second attempt to leave a comment! As far as I know, the original has been replaced by a replica. I was last there in November and am pretty sure that is the case, but I could be wrong.

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