The First Ride of Spring…

Well, I promised that Spring will be the time for more bike rides… Spring is here!  But the winter had a nasty little parting gift. The skies are blue, and clear, But a cold front has hit us since yesterday, making the last day of winter the coldest one we had as well. Today is also still cool… but nothing to complain about if I see the rest of South Africa’s weather. We do live in a part with some of the best weather in the world!

So this morning I delivered a sermon on Paul’s suffering  in Ephesians 1:12-26. Then a quick chat to the most senior class in the Sunday School…

And then, on my way home, it struck me that I also have a sermon to deliver tonight at 18h00… and I do not have a sermon yet!

So, at home, I got on my protective clothing, and then took my Aprilia out- it’s battery needs a charge. I think at my best on a motorbike, so there was a sermon to work out… on the bike…

I hit the road to the next town, Vaalwater, around 60 km from us, through a beautiful part of the Waterberg region. And as a good tourist (not a local!) would have done, I stopped and took some pictures of my Bike, and the scenery…



I even took a selfie…

IMG_0279Remember- these are some of the coldest days this year…

At the neighbouring town, which is a major player in the Game Lodge industry, I went to the Sportsbar. It is a very small town, but they do have this lovely restaurant, where a lot of people in khaki clothes sat to take a break from the farm. Just Land Cruiser pick-ups all around, and one lone Harley as well… and me.

IMG_0286As I said, it is in the middle of the Bushveld, in a Game Lodge area. And there were only two bikes in the parking lot, but inside, on the flatscreen, they are showing:

Moto GP2

Moto GP2

So, I ordered some inspiration, just like Martin Luther would have done- read his letters, then you will see:

IMG_0281In South Africa, beer and glass do not have to match like in Belgium. Here, you are just thankful to get a clean glass!  And then, with all the nice twisties at the end, I decided I am hungry. So… (look at the people in the background- all khaki dressed, escaped from the bush…)

Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

And then on my way back home, I just had to stop at one of the Marula trees- this is not a really big one, but it looked good for a photo. Marula trees are so beautiful, and their fruit are full of vitamin C. If you want to have good fun, you should see the elephants after eating a lot of these Marula fruit that has laid in the sun a while, and started fermenting- elephants are very funny when they decide to get drunk.

IMG_0290And there you have it- my First Ride of Spring 2013, and a peek at our beautiful Waterberg region, just 2 hours north from the OR Tambo International Airport at Johannesburg…  And tonight’s sermon? No idea, and I still have 2 hours and 19 minutes to get something together…






16 thoughts on “The First Ride of Spring…

  1. Funny how our posts are in reverse…. you guys are heading into spring, we into autumn, both similar climates, just opposite hemispheres!
    Thanks for your support, I can always count on you, my most regular supplier of ‘likes’ 🙂
    Have a great Monday, Uncle Spike

  2. Beautiful weather for a ride (better a cold day than a thunderstormy day). I love your bike’s name. Ours, we call Bruni – short for Brunhilde 🙂 I hope you got your inspiration.

  3. Envy you being able to ride on roads like the ones in your pictures, my husband had many a bike but found that speed limits and poor roads were not good for a biker who liked to open up the throttle. So now he is confined to cars.

    • This is a brand new road- they took over 2 years to completely rebuild it. You should see it before the rebuild! It is the main road to the Medupi powerstation that will be the biggest coal burning power plant in the world, IF and when it is one day finished… So they needed a new road there… the majority of roads in the rural areas of South Africa are life threatening for bikes- duallers fare a bit better…

  4. For new readers- my Aprilia’s name is “Huisbesoek” . In English- “house calling” or “visitation”- that act by which a pastor is expected to visit all the church members at home in a given time, not always that easy if your church has 1600 people on the books… The joke- now my wife can truthfully say Pastor is out on Visitation…

  5. Super scenery, cracking weather, great bike, grub looks tasty too, and beer looks nice n cool (even though I dont drink). As for the sermon, no idea either (different religion), but perhaps something about the wonder of creation after such a decent ride out seeing some of it 🙂

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