My life in one photo…

I came across this photo of 2002, still taken with my father’s Canon A1 that I inherited after his death. I am not going to edit the sunspot , I want to post it just as it is.  It was taken in July 2002, near Alldays in South Africa, on the border of Botswana…  My family…

Are you small enough to Play?

Are you small enough to Play?

Lets try a 3rd time to Publish this post, I am having a hard time with WP today!

This was taken at Gold Reef City just outside Johannesburg South Africa in 2002, it was an old gold mine, now a theme park…

For Ailsa’s Weekly Theme- Play , my 2nd contribution:

Funny… who me?

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha 

by michelle w. on August 26, 2013

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.


No, I’m not funny…

Clever- The mechanic at my local cycling shop is very clever. He has fixed my mountain bike this morning… Image

So sorry- while you guys are looking for a laugh, I am having a very sad morning.

Sad, because on 11 March this year I was still fit enough to do the Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Race, my 19th consecutive one. (109 km around Table Mountain, Cape Town)  And since then, I did not touch my bicycles… except to move them when the room needed vacuum cleaning.

Since then, my 3 sons did touch my bicycles, in an inappropriate manner.

I needed to buy a new seat. It just does not do to cycle without a seat. Some people might get by with just a seat post, but I would find that to be a pain in the *ss…

I also needed to have two new tubes put in… the youngest thought it is much better taking dad’s bicycle through the thorns on the dirt track than his…

I need a new tube bag, a new spare tube, two new tire levers, a new small pump, a new computer (somehow one of them thought they would investigate what happens when you snip the sensor’s wire…)

I also need a new multitool with all the allan keys in it- somehow not one of the 999 in the house comes to light.

The mountain bike is now nearly ready for a new season. Spring starts officially on Sunday. But winter in our town was only on 18 July this year anyway…

Am I ready… no!

I very politely asked my church’s ladies to stop feeding me cake and pie at every chance they get. I am allergic to cake and pie. It made me swell up over the winter, I now carry more than a sheep’s weight too much on my bulky frame, and it has got to go…  I am also extremely allergic to beer, it makes me swell up even faster than cake. But somehow, every Friday evening, when I light my barbeque fire- there is a beer or three in the fridge… If I do not address them properly, my sons will. Underaged drinking is a huge problem in South Africa.  And that leads to many other problems. It is even reported from the maternity ward that boys just will not leave the breasts alone…

So… I am a bit overweight at the moment. I have 6 months time to get ready for the next Argus, on 9 March 2014.  How do you start a new season of cycling from zero? I am in deep trouble.  My young colleague and his fiancé want to ride with me. There is another problem- she races professionally! She really weighs less than half of me! I am no prophet, but I see a lot of hurt in my immediate future, starting at my south pole…

I do not know how to begin training for this year.  I am in trouble. And prayer alone does not help… somehow I need to put ass to seat and take the hurt…

Whatever your religion or lack thereof- please pray for me, or send good thoughts into the universe…

Professional cyclists- go away. Reasonably fit cyclists, please leave advise of a positive nature. Lance’s doctor, please send some liquid fitness in a bottle.  Couch potatoes, get off your lazy bums and start training….

Have I left anyone out?

Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Tour 2014- Kilo’s trained: 0.00

Weight lost for the Argus: 0.00

Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Race Website:

Overweight? Me?

I am the skinny one on the right...

I am the skinny one on the right…

Backside- Sunday Stills

The Next Challenge: Backs of Things

Posted on August 25, 2013 by 

Sounds easy, but it will be what ya’ll make of it. Anything from behind will work. this will be interesting..:-)


Sometimes the backside of things is not the pretty side… except Angelina Jolie


Not Angelina… at the Poison Rally 2011, South Africa…

Sometimes the rear end is quite nice…


A very famous South African Hyabusa Custom bike…

Sometimes the rear end is the safest place to be…


Long Tom Canon from the Anglo Boer war, standing at the top of the beautiful (bikers heaven!) Long Tom Pass in the South African Lowveld near Sabie.

And, as they learned us at the angel factory- always end with HOPE… Sometimes the rear end is spectacular- sorry no, I never had the privilege to photograph Ms Jolie’s rear end… But this is just as awesome!


The Ferrari seen at Chapman’s Peak Drive- is it an Enzo? I am not that good with Ferrari’s- I am more in the 5 year old Corolla price class myself…

Looking forward to seeing other’s take on this challenge of Ed!

Focus- Trafalgar Square, Weekly Photo Challenge

I would love to post a second take on the Weekly Photo Challenge.

It is a photo I am really fond of. In 2006, I had a very bad, burned out time in my life.  I went on a healing retraite in Scotland, and stayed over for a few days in London at friends of mine. One evening I was just walking about in the City of London. My eyes caught these lovely figures in the water of Trafalgar Plain (right in front of South Africa House…)

I thinks something went right with this photo, while everything else was wrong and upside down in my life back then…

Canon 350D (Rebel XT) 1/60s, F4.5, ISO 400, flash

Canon 350D (Rebel XT) 1/60s, F4.5, ISO 400, flash

Secret of Success… do I measure it right?

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

by michelle w. on August 25, 2013

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EFFORT.


Funny how this Daily Prompt popped up. Because I was thinking about the same question and wanted to blog about it yesterday… But by then I had already blogged much too much…

Why did I wonder about this question?

Let me show you a screenprint of two days ago:


I wanted a screenprint, because there on the left of the bar chart, to disappear the next day, was this blog’s “Best ever views” of 386 in one day. Wow, that day it felt good!  And since that day the average views per day dropped off to about 150 a day…

That started me thinking, something I can do way too much of as somebody with a melancholic temperament, an INTJ on the Myers Briggs Scale, a SC on the DISC profile…

Am I boring people with my blog?

And then I started thinking further- I am asking the wrong question. Am I enjoying my blog? Does this blog serve the purpose for which I started it? Is it worth the time I invested in it?

And then I started getting answers I am comfortable with. When will this blog be a success in my eyes? My answer? When it makes me happy doing it. When I am happy about what I write. When I get good feedback on how to be a better photographer.  And the amount of views is not the right tool to measure my happiness…

I started this blog to express myself. Sometimes I need to get something of my chest. Sometimes I need to put some emotion or experience into words. And sometimes I just need to write about something because it touched me, or I just want to remember a thought.  In that sense it could as well be a private blog.

BUT- as all you dedicated bloggers know, there is also the interaction with other bloggers to consider. By being just myself, I have made some of my best friends in life through blogging. And some of them I have even met in real life, and they are amazing people!  It is so good when one of your friends see what you have written, and leave a comment that just make it worthwhile.

The numbers just don’t tell the whole story of blogging.

On the other hand… it is such a good feeling if you have this amazing experience, you post it on your blog, and suddenly a few hundred people read it and say they love it…  I will probably never get to the millions of readers and 24 million views like the amazing blog of Lesley Carter.  But I enjoy it if I read the Daily Prompt, and see Anglo Swiss, and bikerchick57, and one of the Natasha’s and AJ Vosse and Sonel and Hope the Happy Hugger have liked it… then it is completely worth the effort!

So thank you all on the Daily Prompt, all about 60-100 who post there daily- although I do not always comment, or like, or even agree, it is getting to be like all the regulars at the Cheers bar- we are a community of sorts. With a lot of weird characters inside. Including me…

Photo of EFFORT- Man, it is hard being a pastor in the South African Bushveld, when you have to meet with other pastors once a year to discuss the state of the church… Image

Thanks for the 150 who read, and the 22 who like, and the 10 who comment, you really add value to my life!

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Focus- Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on August 23, 2013

Focus. This week’s challenge is inspired by Matthew George’s post on focus, in which he introduced us to the basics of depth of field and aperture. He explained what an image with a shallow depth of field looks like (or conversely, a photo with a greater depth of field), and how the aperture setting on your camera affects it. For this challenge, get out there and take a picture demonstrating the concept of focus. Depending on your skill level or type of camera, tinker with the manual settings, use the auto focus feature, or play around with an app.


This is still a learning experience for me- going off from full automatic!  And any helpful advise would still be greatly appreciated, as there are a lot of you out there whose photographic skills I greatly admire!


Canon 400D, 55-250 lens, 131mm, F5, 1/4000 s ISO 1600


Same Camera and lens- F29, 1/135 ISO 100


Canon 400d, lens at 225mm, F5.6, 1/125s, ISO 200

And so I am just playing with my camera and my wife’s container of flowers… Trying to learn some skills…


Canon Powershot SX150is F5.6, 1/125 s, ISO 400, 60 mm

These boots…

Daily Prompt: These Boots Were Made for Walking

by michelle w. on August 24, 2013

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WALK.


My favourite boots EVER is the Wolverine Fortis pair that I bought for doing the Camino de Santiago in 2011.  It has taken me on the French Route of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and has given me 2 more years of service, and still going strong…


Wolverine is so impressed with their boots they offered a guarantee: if it is not the best shoes you have ever owned, they would return your money in the first month. Mine is extremely comfortable! There is only one problem- and it is not the boots’ fault. I bought mine the right size, which is a size too small when you are walking downhill loaded with a backpack!


With all the Gore Tex and adjustable inner soles, this is really an awesome pair of footwear!

 (I was also just playing around with my camera for the weekly photo challenge on focus…)

WALK:  (the effect of walking with a size too small boots- taken at Villafranca del Bierzo next to the stream…


So if the good people at Wolverine ever read this- I would love a size 9 pair of  these lovely boots, please?

The Bridges on the Camino de Santiago

Cee’s Which Way Challenge Week 7

“The idea behind this challenge is to show off the actual road, bridge, walkway, tracks, etc.  I don’t want to see main topic to be the people, cars, trains.  Searching for which ways I find it gives me a new way of looking at how we move around and what wonderful ways we have found ways to travel as well as beautify our world.”

One of Cee’s options:

  • Bridges (any view)


On The Way Challenge I just can’t seem to escape from the Camino de Santiago experience… So here is my entry for this week: just a few bridges on the Camino…


A road, a railway and a bridge on the Camino in one shot… and one single hiker way in front of me…


The famous bridge at Hospital de Orbigo, where knights jousted on this bridge…


Bridge into the beautiful town of Molinaseca


The bridge high above the ancient town of Ruitelan…


Small bridge just outside Ruitelan, at the beginning of the climb up O’ Cerbreiro


The two bridges into Portomarin…


And finally- the bridge into Melide…

The Last Lie…

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

by michelle w. on August 23, 2013

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAKE.


I do not tell lies, I am a pastor…

Whoops- just now. .


Son, that is a huge black bass!

 Why do I tell lies? Some people call it tact, others discretion… not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings.

To see how they should look like- go here: