Two Oceans, not just one Sea…

At Cape Agulhas, the Southern most point of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Oceans meet- not at Cape Point in Cape Town as many would have thought. Even the famous road race- The “Two Oceans”… has a wrong name! Or is at the wrong place!  But what would you expect from a sport of which the Bible says: “Only the unrighteous runs when no-one gives chase… ” (Proverbs 28:1)

So- without further waste of precious words: here is my second contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge…

Picture 090As sometimes seen on my rotating header- this photo, one of my favorite motorbike shots, even Charlie and Ewan came here- this is where Long Way Down ended…

Picture 092The Lighthouse at Cape Agulhus:

Picture 095And so ends my posts for Winter 2013- for tomorrow it is Spring!!!  Time for Bike rides, and Photography, and even Cycling… Proverbs 28:1 says the unrighteous flees, but, the next verse says the Righteous has the courage of a lion… do you know what the emblem on a Peugeot Bicycle is? Hmm? Just an inside joke between the runners and the cyclists here in our town…

11 thoughts on “Two Oceans, not just one Sea…

  1. Well I never knew that about the Two Oceans being at the wrong place – thanks for enlightening me! Hope you have a great spring, it is coming to our summers end and autumn is in the air. Before we know it the cold white stuff will be with us again for 6 months!

  2. Yebo, yes, ja en wow! Hierdie foto’s is mos op my en Toortsie se plek, , die Suidpunt van Afrika, daar waar die Indiese en Atlantiese oseaan ontmoet (en ook sommer die koue Benguela en die warm Agulhas seestrome) en sommer ook daar waar die magtige Afrika begin!!! Met ander woorde: die bese plek in die hele wereld!!! Dankie vi rdie skrywe!

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