To prompt or not to prompt, that is the question…

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

by michelle w. on August 30, 2013

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SNEAKY.


It has been known that I sometimes do the Daily Prompt.  Are they too limiting? Of course not, it is just a Prompt, it is not like the final Maths exam at school where you do need to give exactly the right answer, in exactly the right formula.  No, a Prompt by definition means a spark of an idea is provided, and then you nurture it and blow a bit of your own creativity into it, till a roaring bonfire of inspiration draws your happy readers near, to bask in your light…

Take this Daily Prompt of today for an example. I am suffering from extreme writers block. I have no idea whatsoever to post. And by just having a little jumpstart, I have written a lot of words previously hidden in the darkness of my mind.

Do you know it is an occupational hazard with pastors? The fear of having nothing to say… I have this recurring nightmare. I am all alone on the beach, and then Marilyn Monroe… oops, no not that one…

I have this recurring dream that I am standing on the pulpit of our church, it is time to start the Sunday service, and there is no one in the pews… Not a single person has pitched up to hear my beautifully prepared sermon…  That dream happens a lot. I am so glad it does not happen in real life, there are  usually around 400 people suffering in patience through my sermons…

So, where were we? Oh yes- Prompts… when you have nothing to say, don’t keep saying it for 30 minutes…

Sneaky- Image

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