Backside- Sunday Stills

The Next Challenge: Backs of Things

Posted on August 25, 2013 by 

Sounds easy, but it will be what ya’ll make of it. Anything from behind will work. this will be interesting..:-)


Sometimes the backside of things is not the pretty side… except Angelina Jolie


Not Angelina… at the Poison Rally 2011, South Africa…

Sometimes the rear end is quite nice…


A very famous South African Hyabusa Custom bike…

Sometimes the rear end is the safest place to be…


Long Tom Canon from the Anglo Boer war, standing at the top of the beautiful (bikers heaven!) Long Tom Pass in the South African Lowveld near Sabie.

And, as they learned us at the angel factory- always end with HOPE… Sometimes the rear end is spectacular- sorry no, I never had the privilege to photograph Ms Jolie’s rear end… But this is just as awesome!


The Ferrari seen at Chapman’s Peak Drive- is it an Enzo? I am not that good with Ferrari’s- I am more in the 5 year old Corolla price class myself…

Looking forward to seeing other’s take on this challenge of Ed!


13 thoughts on “Backside- Sunday Stills

    • i could not sleep for a few days after that traumatic images… It could also have been the stupid **** who revved his Suzuki full blast till tappet slap the whole night…

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