Secret of Success… do I measure it right?

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

by michelle w. on August 25, 2013

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EFFORT.


Funny how this Daily Prompt popped up. Because I was thinking about the same question and wanted to blog about it yesterday… But by then I had already blogged much too much…

Why did I wonder about this question?

Let me show you a screenprint of two days ago:


I wanted a screenprint, because there on the left of the bar chart, to disappear the next day, was this blog’s “Best ever views” of 386 in one day. Wow, that day it felt good!  And since that day the average views per day dropped off to about 150 a day…

That started me thinking, something I can do way too much of as somebody with a melancholic temperament, an INTJ on the Myers Briggs Scale, a SC on the DISC profile…

Am I boring people with my blog?

And then I started thinking further- I am asking the wrong question. Am I enjoying my blog? Does this blog serve the purpose for which I started it? Is it worth the time I invested in it?

And then I started getting answers I am comfortable with. When will this blog be a success in my eyes? My answer? When it makes me happy doing it. When I am happy about what I write. When I get good feedback on how to be a better photographer.  And the amount of views is not the right tool to measure my happiness…

I started this blog to express myself. Sometimes I need to get something of my chest. Sometimes I need to put some emotion or experience into words. And sometimes I just need to write about something because it touched me, or I just want to remember a thought.  In that sense it could as well be a private blog.

BUT- as all you dedicated bloggers know, there is also the interaction with other bloggers to consider. By being just myself, I have made some of my best friends in life through blogging. And some of them I have even met in real life, and they are amazing people!  It is so good when one of your friends see what you have written, and leave a comment that just make it worthwhile.

The numbers just don’t tell the whole story of blogging.

On the other hand… it is such a good feeling if you have this amazing experience, you post it on your blog, and suddenly a few hundred people read it and say they love it…  I will probably never get to the millions of readers and 24 million views like the amazing blog of Lesley Carter.  But I enjoy it if I read the Daily Prompt, and see Anglo Swiss, and bikerchick57, and one of the Natasha’s and AJ Vosse and Sonel and Hope the Happy Hugger have liked it… then it is completely worth the effort!

So thank you all on the Daily Prompt, all about 60-100 who post there daily- although I do not always comment, or like, or even agree, it is getting to be like all the regulars at the Cheers bar- we are a community of sorts. With a lot of weird characters inside. Including me…

Photo of EFFORT- Man, it is hard being a pastor in the South African Bushveld, when you have to meet with other pastors once a year to discuss the state of the church… Image

Thanks for the 150 who read, and the 22 who like, and the 10 who comment, you really add value to my life!

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25 thoughts on “Secret of Success… do I measure it right?

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  4. Hi Rider! I read, and liked, your post earlier today and have thought about it several times during the afternoon prompting me to leave a comment and say thank you! I whole heartedly agree with your measurements of success as a moment to record and express what you are feeling followed by interaction with an involved group of bloggers. I really enjoy reading about your life in South Africa and even though my comments are few I want you to know I am here! Lisa

  5. I see I have 888 followers now… welcome you all! But I have seen something on facebook, there is a country (Thailand?) were 888 is said Hahaha… and it is their equivalent of LOL… If anybody knows if it is true, and in which country if so, please respond? Hahaha- I feel honored by so many people who pressed the follow button in only 6 months time- I sincerely hope I do not bore you all to death… being so far from the city lights and glamorous events in our small little town in rural South Africa… 🙂

  6. You are so right. I often get caught up in my daily views and struggle to comprehend what makes me get 88 views one day then 12 the next (My blog is only a few months old at this point) when I should be focusing on whether or not my writing makes me happy and whether or not it’s a good way to spend my time. People often tell me they like my blog who aren’t necessarily my best friends or even people I interact with regularly. And isn’t that good enough? If someone is being encouraged by my writing or my experiences then that’s the whole point I suppose. To encourage or support one person is better than not supporting them right? Thanks for reminding me of my perspective! I like your blog too! 🙂

    • If you enjoy it, and make a difference in someone else’s life, then your blog is a success, me thinks… And now your’s is inspiring to get on my bicycle again and start training…

  7. I’ll be honest. The reasons I followed you were because of your bike and also because you’re from S.A. After an extended visit a couple years ago to southern Africa, I find myself wanting to keep tabs on what’s going on. What you wrote I have felt more and more strongly as this blog has gone on. My numbers stink but it’s quality (of interactions) and not quantity with me. While it would be great for the blog to make me money, it would then cease to be a way of interacting with others. When I try to comment on the blogs of very popular pro photographers, for example, I rarely if ever get a response. They don’t have the time.

    • Spring starts next Sunday, then the Biking season also start… I washed them both this afternoon, and really want to go for a ride… Hope there will be more Biking posts again soon, but thanks for the follow!

  8. Life is interesting – I am in the process of trying to find my lost muse or muses and each day this week I’ve noticed that something out of the ordinary has happened to me. My muse is not in front of me, but behind me pushing me in the direction of people and experiences I am seeking. Thank you for leaving me one more clue (the stats) to solving the puzzle and moving forward.

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  11. I think of it this way, I do my blog for myself and to share my pics with some great folks from around the world and that makes me happy. i really enjoy your blog and you do great work over there..:-))

  12. A great post Rider. There is one thing I learnt when working in IT and that was to ignore statistics. I never look at mine (well, Ok then, maybe I peek once or twice a month) but my reason for entering the world of blogging was so that I could get all these travel stories out of my head before I forget them and somewhere where someone other than myself could (if they wanted to) read them. I love the people (like your good self) who take the time to comment, and I enjoy the humour and banter that takes place between bloggers. I feel, like you, that I have made some friends. Anyway, before this turns into a post of its own 😉 I just wanted to let you know that I LIKE being one of the regulars in the Cheers Bar – and I’ll have a glass of that lovely Pinotage from Stellenbosch please 🙂
    Jude xx

    • Which Stellenbosch cellar’s wine would you like? May I suggest Blaawklippen? You could not go wrong with Nederburg, but that is from Paarl… 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment!

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  16. If i wew to compare our stats i would definitely say im not a succesful blogger but i know that success can come in different forms. Even of i only had one person reading my blog, if i made that person smile or gave a valuable info then i can say i am a succesful blogger 🙂

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