VW Beetle restoration is the Devil…-

Number 2 is getting to the age where he can get a driver’s license, and be another menace on the road…

I am not in the position to buy yet another car.  So I must use what is available- my old VW Beetle. My son loves it!

There is just a few small problems. Like a little lack of money. And a total lack of mechanical ability. And the part between the front and rear number plates needs replacement.

To ride, we had to fix a broken fuel cable. I have waited patiently for a friend for 6 weeks, who have promised to help. The last was: early next week- and it is now 3 weeks later… So I decided to try and fix it myself.  How difficult can it be? Youtube has such awesome teaching clips. Or so I thought. Look at this one:

3 minutes 7 seconds worth.  And the dude takes 2 minutes of that to take his hotrod out of the garage, and then drive his old Beetle into the garage. Can’t he just post: “Look at my F******** hotrod!”   And then in the remaining minute he gives absolutely no practical advise that can help me…

Bummer. I broke the circlip when I tried to put the new cable in. So it was off to the parts shop. I bought 3 circlips, but fortunately ran into a young man of our church, who said I can call him if I do not get it right. I should have asked him there and then.  But the man in me wanted to prove I would survive in the Ice Age- I tried putting that circlip in myself. It is a very small one. And my reading glasses are missing. My Petzl headlamp got new batteries, but no joy- it has gone through the river Jordan…  I have a circlip pliers, but managed to launch all 3 circlips into near earth orbit- I suspect that the digital signal from our satellite telly  will end soon… due to foreign object impact or something- must be the Russians…

So I sent my wife to the spare shop to go and buy another 5 circlips, (it wouldn’t do my ego much good to appear there as a loser…) and i was covered in 45 year old German grease anyway. I called the young man to please come and help his pastor. Well, he got that circlip in place in 30 seconds… took me more than 2 hours before I dared ask for help…

He also pushed the cable through all that impossible corners that the German engineers thought up to make my life a misery- have you ever tried that? Getting a fuel cable from the pedal through to the back at the carburettor on the Boxer engine? It must be easier delivering a baby… Much bigger space to work with…  🙂

After he have left, we tried to go for a little celebration cruise. But another problem has hit us. It will not go into any gear at all. When the engine is switched off, no problem- smooth into any gear. When the engine is going- no gears available at all. And all the websites says it sounds like taking the engine out time…

I have reached the end of my patience. And I still have to get to a sermon for tomorrow morning, it just is not happening at all at the moment. And my wife is looking very angrily at me, she hates it when I lose my patience…

So not a happy ride today…  😦


The Devil…

4 thoughts on “VW Beetle restoration is the Devil…-

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  2. My daughter would LOVE an old beetle. We have an old Volkswagen Jetta we tell her she is getting. Lucky for me my husband is very mechanical, me not so much!

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