Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

by michelle w. on August 14, 2013

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REFLECTIONS.

My Blog Name reflects who I really want to be.  From a very young age I have enjoyed speed, and any vehicle that could take me across the horizon. When i was at school, I rode miles and miles on my bicycle, while wishing for my first motorbike.  When that first motorbike arrived in my life, it was the first real taste of FREEDOM. Freedom to travel, freedom to explore. Freedom to feel the wind on your face, and the ground rushing by…

I love to Ride! Motorbikes, bicycles, horses, cars…  and especially airplanes!   I love to go away from home, seeing new places.

But- I have a full time job, almost going at seven days a week, some days more than 14 hours- like almost every Tuesday. So my blog keeps me sane. Sometimes I can just rush in and read a blog or two between appointments.  Sometimes I just have time to answer a comment on my cellphone.

But my blog keeps me in touch of what really matters in my life- other people, great experiences of life, people visiting places I have dreamed about, some even on my Bucket List as places I would really like to see.

My theme-  I try to keep it as easy to read as possible- the Book Light theme works for me. I love that it is black on white and easily readable. I love that the widgets is all at the bottom, only people who want to can scroll around there, it is more for me to find my way around anyway…

My avatar- The Blogs full name is Rider of the Sorrel Horse, and you can read the story of why on one of the main pages of my blog. I think I have always been a little Attention Deficient or what ADD or ADHD may stand for- My brain is rushing around in my skull at maximum speed all the time, with some weird associations all the time. I looked for a Sorrel Horse as a recognizable avatar, and found this chess piece selling on ebay…  and it made sense to me.

The Bio says a lot about me, while still trying to be being slightly anonymous.  But a lot of friends and some enemies have found it extremely easy to track me down.  I do not say anything on my blog to hurt anyone or things that are not true anyway.

I post too much, I know. I love the Daily Prompt. And I love to test my photos on the wider audience, because I try to get to be a better photographer. And when I post so much, I am usually writing to escape a bout of depression or longing for freedom.   I write to not feel trapped in my own little world…  Does it make sense?

My blog is a very true reflection of the real me I want to be.  Although in real life I am much more quiet and introvert…

Lets face it- I just want to Ride!

Reflection: nearly every pilgrim takes a photo like this on the Camino- here is mine…


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11 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. The freedom of travelling is something that is unmatched, but unfortuantely like you I’ve got too many commitments tying me to one place, and so I escape here. It’s not a bad place to be.

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  4. Geniet jou stories – skuus ek is nou ni n fotografie fundi nie so daardie is bietjie bo my – die fotos is mooi. Ek is hierdie week besig met n baie interessante werkswinkel en gaan afspraak maak om met jou te gesels daaroor-ek dink jy gaan dit baie sinvol beleef.

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