Motorcycles- Bless you Ed!!! Sunday Stills Theme…

The Next Challenge: Motorcycles

This can also include mopeds, scooters, vespas, trikes or bikes with sidecars like the one in the demo pic. Also just parts of motorcycles too. Thanks to “the Rider” for the inspiration for this challenge, hope you get some great touring done this week..:-)

Probably the first time ever I have inspired a challenge… I am happy!

So I have scrolled through my own photos, and decided to post just a few-  a few hundred would not do…

First- my own sweet rides:


My BMW R850 R at the iconic pub on Route 62, South Africa…


My Aprilia Pegaso with me and my namesake… watch his facial expression closely- a biker getting formed… 🙂

And then- a selection of bikes I have seen at the Poison Rally through the past few years- It is the only rally I get to attend each year in South Africa, because I have this nasty habit of working on Sundays… 🙂 Some of them also from my yearly travels down to Cape Town…

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20 thoughts on “Motorcycles- Bless you Ed!!! Sunday Stills Theme…

  1. Some mean machines here … beautiful all of them. Where I had my office in Scotland – we shared building with an Aprilia agent and he had a mean some machine too.
    Like your views … and you’re so right … not the right place and time. Well done.

  2. I don’t know which I liked better, the post or the comments between you and Andrea. Bravo for you and your views and for being who you are and great bike pics, I live in eastern Tennessee when I’m not on the road and home to one of the U.S.A.s most visited biker routes…the Dragons Tail and the Cherohalla Skyway. We get bikers from all over the world. :-))
    p.s. I knew Pretoria was the capital of S.A. 😉

  3. The way I see it- we have no choice in where we are born, or what the color of our skin are. But we always have a choice how we behave and treat other people. I had no choice in being born white in South Africa. Some people think because I was born white in South Africa, I must be a racist. People like the gentleman Julius Malema included. I did not have a choice where I was born. But I do have a choice in how I treat other people. I choose to respect all people, and I wish them the same blessings in life as I have. The way I see it- I can be part of the problem, or part of the solution of Africa. The only way to make a difference is by respect to other people and cultures. That is my choice.

              • You’re therefore also? my name is Andrea and come from North Rhine-Westphalia in the Ruhrpott.ich live in Oberhausen close food Duisburg.Kennst you that?Were you already visit me on my pages?

                • Yes I did. I am South African, from German ancestors, but can’t speak German. My ancestors came to South Africa in 1862 I have been to Germany but to the Swartzwald only.

                    • My father was a steel worker, my grandfather a mine worker, my mother and grandmother was in nursing- people who worked hard for a living. They taught me to love and respect all other people.

                    • Sounds very interesting.I meant whether their parents and grandparents have suffered under the apartheid, I meant their parents and grandparents knew slavery still?

                    • Apartheid was in South Africa till 1990, so all of us suffered under it, but not so much as the black people. It was an injust and wrong system to say somebody is worth more than another person because of the color of their skin. We all are feeling the effects of it, just like Germany after the 2nd World War. The shame of it will last a few generations. But hopefully one day there will come a time when my children or my children’s children will not have to say what their race are when they want to become doctors or vets, or pilots. At the moment a white child who has 8 distinctions at school can not become a veterinarian because of affirmative action. The tears in Africa is many, and all we can do is try to help and build the country, or emigrate to Australia. We chose to stay and build.

                    • Yes, that was an awful System.Mein father has survived the second world war.My grandfather has made with the 1 and the 2 world war.My father was sentenced to 4 years in prison.His father has a terrible painful he helped otherwise could have gotten my father 12 years, and bad time in the prisons of the DDR my father have to suffer torture hard on top of that belonged to my father, the Knight’s cross-carrier where my father put not so much worth it.Soldier was it a couple of times in the Lazerett which has my father probably saved your life.Hilters power and legacy was horrible, that should never have it because my father suffered until his days at which my father died on the consequences of the Krieges…und where people are today for each other that none a little zutun…mein father is more ready for the other was one of the few.

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