Where peaceful waters flow…

Yesterday was so an amazing day in my life. This morning is totally opposite of that.

This morning, I have to conduct a funeral. A young man has lost his work, in this economic downturn times. It is even much more difficult for young white men to get a work in our country in this wondrous days of Affirmative Action and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. This young man has a wife, and two young daughters, aged 7 and a baby under a year. His work also provided a home. Now he has lost his work, his home, his hope, his pride. Last Thursday he greeted all his friends at the pub. He asked each of them to take a photo with him, he shaked each friend’s hand. And then he went and hanged himself.  Young people in our country lose hope.  And I have to say the words that will make everybody feel better this morning…

As I am awaiting 11 o’ clock to arrive in three hours time, I am having a bit of an internal struggle with life and death. Over past injustices in our country, and present injustices. I wonder if Africa will ever stop crying, as Alan Paton’s beautiful book title says: Cry, the beloved country….

I wish I could rather sit amongst the buffalo herd again this morning. I wish I could rather go on a nice long motorbike cruise…

But duty calls…  So I focus my attention on the words of Psalm 23- He leads me beside the still waters…

And I try to cling on to memories of still waters where I found peace…



13 thoughts on “Where peaceful waters flow…

  1. What a thought provoking and raw post. A country in flux and you are not only riding your bike but also riding the wave or the changing of the time. It is disquieting to be so close to the very statement (the funeral) of our own mortality and feel so powerless, isn’t it? The pain and sorrow of knowing this young man thought this was his last and only course of action. I’m sure you did him justice. My thoughts and prayers to his family and others who are going through the same turmoil.

  2. How sad! Africa is so diverse and so beautiful, but a very hard place for most to live. Good luck Rider, I hope you find the strength you need to pass on to the family.

  3. dit is baie sad en ja ongelukkig al hoe meer deel van ons elke dag. Sterkte vir jou en ek weet jy sal die wonderlikste boodskap van troos bring. Ek bid vir die gesin en as ek kan helo, jy weet waar ek is.

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