Kids, don’t try this at home…

Some days I have an amazing life!  Today started with a meeting. Then with a flat tire where I discovered that my Corolla do not have a wheel spanner on board… at the home of a mother whose son I have to bury tomorrow morning.  But it suddenly got much better. This morning one of my church’s farmers invited me to go out with him, to a farm where he keeps some wild animals…  and you will see the photos in the next few days…   It is now only 13h15 here… But I still have to survive a Church Board Meeting tonight. What a day!

One of the species he is breeding, is Cape Buffalo. Do you know Cape Buffalo? You could make the mistake and think it is normal cattle. You would be very, very wrong- they are extremely dangerous animals. Known to hunt and kill any hunter who wounds them.  Extremely, extremely dangerous animals. So kids, do not ever, ever try this at home:

ImagePs- This is the only one I would dare touch, it were raised as an orphan and is very tame and lovable. When the rest of the herd came near, we quickly climbed into the vehicle. But man, it is tough living in the African bush!

11 thoughts on “Kids, don’t try this at home…

  1. I long for the day, I can just give them all a pat or a cuddle, buffalos, lions,elephants,leopards. .When Jesus comes back it will be like that, must be wonderful.

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