Where is the *&^%%^&* bulldozer?

I am scheduling these posts because I am away for


the weekend, and decided to play a travel game.  The question is: where is this bulldozer near one of South Africa’s beautiful tourist attractions?

By this time the people who know Kwazulu Natal might have guessed the answer. Lets take it a step further- the view from this bulldozer looks like this:


The entry to this ATKV resort looks like this: Image

Still no right answer? If you really give up, look here… 

More on that lovely view to be found here…

I love this part of the world, because I grew up in the same province, just 2 hours drive away.

2 thoughts on “Where is the *&^%%^&* bulldozer?

  1. When you go to the ATKV Drakensville resort, you have several hiking routes to choose from. On one of these routes you have an amazing view of the Amphitheatre over in the Royal Natal National Park. Definitely one of South Africa’s must see places…

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