Chains- Sunday Stills Challenge

The Next Challenge: Chains

Posted on July 28, 2013 by 

This will be fun, wether holding gates closed, making a fence, or used in jewelry there are chains everywhere. The challenge is to make everyday chains interesting or to find them in odd places. The pic for the demo is the anchor chains from the U.S.S. Texasand those were some big chains….


A While back I challenged my daughter to a competition, walking through a seemingly ugly part of our town, and taking photos of what we have seen. I am an amateur in every way- she is 2nd year Graphic Design student, I have an old Canon 400D, I bought her a new Nikon D3100.

This is her photo of chain around an old pot…


 And this is mine:


I have also previously blogged about a little piece of shipping chain that was washed out in a storm at a Cape Town Beach…


This could also be interpreted as:


(Still learning by playing around a little bit…)


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